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Best CPI Networks Reviews

Using CPI method is not as easy as it may seem. You need to consider a number of traffic sources as well as their quality. Always note that every traffic source has several key features and differences. They also define a particular mobile ad network. That is why a proper and accurate identification of every source is vital. Otherwise, you will never be able to proceed with efficient investments and obtaining quality targeted traffic.

Compare The Available Traffic Sources

First of all, you need to arrange an efficient ad campaign that will result in quality traffic. You need to decide what number of daily downloads you are expecting to get using available mobile ad networks. Pay attention that you are going to use a model with a variety of traffic sources. That is why you need to indicate a desired number of downloads for every source in particular. The best way to avoid extra spending and inefficient budget usage is to establish caps on every traffic source avoiding all possible bad channels. Start to implement your CPI model with choosing the best and most efficient traffic providers and best mobile ad network. Regular monitoring will let you indicate good sources and increase CPI there while less efficient sources may come up with a lower CPI and downloads level.

Always Do The Detailed Optimization

Many marketers find it difficult to determine the most appropriate number of mobile advertising networks to operate with. The daily number of top mobile ad networks though should never exceed the amount you can handle. Keep in mind that you will have to proceed with detailed analyzing and optimization. In other words, if you feel like you have not enough experienced employees to complete all these tasks, you are to reduce the number of networks for maximum efficiency. Pay attention that you may always reject any of your active mobile advertising networks while implementing a chosen ad model.

Compare The Efficiency Of Each Campaign

CPI model consists of some basic parameters you will need to set. The first and foremost is the Cost Per Install available in best mobile ad networks. Check whether you have the same setting for every traffic source you work with. This is rather important when it comes to comparing the efficiency of every source. Never use low CPI mobile advertising network in case you seek a high-quality traffic. However, if you use this model for the first time, it is better to start with low CPI and increase it gradually along with the number of downloads.

Every internet marketing campaign comes with risks including frauds. That is why preventing frauds is of great importance especially when it comes to mobile app campaigns and traffic sources. Whenever you track inefficient traffic, you are supposed to reject a particular traffic supplier and close the source. Daily monitoring and analysis of every particular source is the only way to detect and eliminate a mobile advertising network.

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