Efficient App Store Optimization and Mobile App Marketing Strategy


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Efficient App Store Optimization and Mobile App Marketing Strategy

They say app store optimization is dead as well as the search engine. They say ASO is no longer efficient when generating more traffic using relevant keywords when increasing the recognition of the app. They’d rather opt for app spamming to drive as many downloads as possible. However, every particular occasion calls for a particular strategy well-tuned and comprehensive. This is the only way to benefit from high-quality traffic sources and avoid penalties for spamming the app name.

Every time you want to enable a better app store ranking as well as more downloads and better users’ engagement, you can benefit from some advanced app store optimization tips that will let you implement an efficient and cost-effective strategy.

Advanced App Store Optimization Tools

We have come up with some useful SEO application tips to generate more traffic that will eventually lead to higher revenues and more downloads. The ASO strategy is hardly new to professionals who deal with marketing apps all the time. On the other hand, here you may find some useful tips letting you attract more users from the search using relevant keywords to guide your target audience directly to your app.

  1. Two ASO platforms at the same time. This strategy is aimed at using combinations of mixed keywords to generate more traffic from search when marketing apps. The idea is to mix the keywords with the general term of phrase you promote using ASO. Some leading platforms available in the market include Sensor Tower or Mobile Action.
  2. Use search ads to check the traffic score. Every time you want to benefit from more downloads, you can look for keywords that can boast the highest or the lowest score. Compare them with yours and identify the main hits and misses.
  3. Use localization to boost your ASO. The tips will fit iOS market only. The idea is to localize the territory for your product and narrow down the competition letting users go directly to your product and proceed with more downloads. You can use low competition key phrases and combinations within a given localization.

Final Word

Of course, the above-mentioned are only a few tips you opt for. There are many other ways to boost the search optimization process. They include reviews, ads and some other tools that may appear to be beneficiary for your particular product. No matter what you chose, any of those tips are better if compared with a simple spamming of the product name. Such approach may eventually result in penalties and bans. However, you need to consider some special features of the market you operate in and customize a chose optimization campaign in accordance with its requirements.


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