The Role of App Store Optimization for Start-Ups and for Brands


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The Role of App Store Optimization for Start-Ups and for Brands

Every time a publisher wants to establish a strong brand to compete in the market with the main rivals, marketing apps is the first thing he or she need to consider. According to the latest stats, users tend to search for a necessary application in the mobile app store using keywords. For this reason, ASO will guide them to your particular product and let it stand out from the main rivals in the niche.

Most publishers implement typical ASO strategies like blog posts and articles stressing the key features and advantages of their particular application. However, the entire approach to a successful app store optimization is quite different from that and includes some more tools that can be different for brands and for start-ups. This time we will define some fundamental steps to enable an efficient ASO in accordance with the goals and purposes. We will define some award-winning strategies. They will appear to be beneficiary for brands that are well established as well as for start-ups that only try to gain recognition.

Optimization for Brands

Once you have gained recognition turning into the big name in the mobile market, it will be easier for you to generate much traffic and deliver it directly to your page using keywords as well as some tools used in search engine optimization. On the other hand, even big and reputable names opt for a successful ASO strategy to fight their main rivals back, as the competition grows tougher each day. What are the main features for an efficient app store optimization when it comes to well-established companies?

  • Focus on the product name – every time you search for an app in the app store, you may come across some names that are hardly longer than 25 characters. This is due to the fact that the majority of users search for a product indicating its name only as basic or trending keywords;
  • Different spelling of the product name – the search trends are changing while some users tend to use abbreviations or shorter names for a particular app or product. For this reason you need to consider several possible ways of spelling the product name;
  • Consider other keywords – when it comes to app store optimization strategy for a recognizable company like Amazon for example, it is better to consider some other keywords related to the niche. They may include “online shopping” or similar combinations that reflect the main idea of the product or service.

App Store Optimization for Start-Ups

A successful app store optimization for less recognizable brands and products can be quite different. On the one hand, it may features some different tools and approaches to reduce the costs. On the other hand, you are supposed to build a strong outline for your future app store optimization in advance to consider any of the following:

  • Focus on alternatives – tune your app store optimization plan and focus on some related alternates rather than competing with some big names based on key phrases like “music app”, “app for shopping”, etc.;
  • Research the Phrases – optimize your matching parses as a part of your general app store optimization strategy. At the same time, you need to stay as authentic as possible.

A successful app store optimization strategy for a startup is not only about increased relevance but also about improved users’ engagement and retention.


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