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What Are the Best Analytic Tools for iOS and Android Apps in 2017?

The tendency for a growing number of analytic tools for mobile applications does not seem to slow down. The year 2017 has brought some great new solutions for iOS products in particular. In spite of such a selection. Let’s face it, you will hardly ever use more than a couple of those tools. On the […]

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Writing a Press Release for an App Launch

You have successfully built your award-winning app and ready to publish app to gain recognition and users’ appreciation. You will have to overcome numerous obstacles on the way to success first profits from your app. However, you still have a chance to earn a handicap before the app launch. To write a press release will be a good idea when it comes to efficient marketing strategy to get to the top in the app store.

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Top Mobile App Monetization Strategies

Do you want to make a solid profit from your app? Are you still in search of the most efficient app monetization strategies? A growing number of mobile ad networks provide a huge selection of offers for both advertisers and publishers. It does not matter what type of application you have. Whether you want to make money from a dating or reservation service, application for business or any other product, here is the list of some most efficient and reliable mobile app monetization strategies that will let you bear fruit in spite of the mobile ad network you choose.

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Do I Really Need to Buy App Downloads to Boost App Store Rankings?

Do I need to buy app downloads? How can they affect my app store rankings? What is the best optimization campaign? How can I gain recognition and popularity in an app store? These are the common questions all novice developers ask. They also wonder how many app store download they need to by to improve their rankings. We will try to answer those questions and define whether it is worth spending money to buy app installs as a part of efficient optimization campaign.

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Efficient App Store Optimization and Mobile App Marketing Strategy

They say app store optimization is dead as well as the search engine. They say ASO is no longer efficient when generating more traffic using relevant keywords when increasing the recognition of the app. They’d rather opt for app spamming to drive as many downloads as possible. However, every particular occasion calls for a particular strategy well-tuned and comprehensive. This is the only way to benefit from high-quality traffic sources and avoid penalties for spamming the app name.

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The Role of App Store Optimization for Start-Ups and for Brands

Every time a publisher wants to establish a strong brand to compete in the market with the main rivals, marketing apps is the first thing he or she need to consider. According to the latest stats, users tend to search for a necessary application in the mobile app store using keywords. For this reason, ASO will guide them to your particular product and let it stand out from the main rivals in the niche.

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