Do I Really Need to Buy App Downloads to Boost App Store Rankings?


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Do I Really Need to Buy App Downloads to Boost App Store Rankings?

Do I need to buy app downloads? How can they affect my app store rankings? What is the best optimization campaign? How can I gain recognition and popularity in an app store? These are the common questions all novice developers ask. They also wonder how many app store download they need to by to improve their rankings. We will try to answer those questions and define whether it is worth spending money to buy app installs as a part of efficient optimization campaign.

Every developer will hardly be satisfied with his or her current app store rankings. They look more like kids on Christmas when there are not enough presents under the Christmas tree. The same thing is with app store download. We are eager to benefit from maximum attention from the very start after the app is published.

After you click the “publish” button, you sit and wait with the anticipation for what will happen next as well as higher rankings. Then you open your report and cannot believe your eyes. Only 40 downloads!!! How could that happen? You have read tons of articles and blogs. You have spent thousands of dollars to build a brilliant product and it appears to be of no use. The first three days are the most important for the app but not for app store download rate. There can be only one app install due to several reasons. They may include:

  • Various ASO aspects;
  • System processing the application;
  • Inapropriat6e time of the day for users to perform an app install or search for your product.

Some developers tend to buy app downloads as the solution to the problem. The campaign is believed to improve current app store rankings as well as encourage real users to buy app installs.

What to Do with Low Downloads?

The first thing you need to do in order to boost your rankings is to perform some analytics and research. Some experts say you only need to buy app downloads at a precise level to encourage a rapid flow of app install without any problems. The truth is that such campaign may affect your optimization but not app store rankings.

A number of experiments have been conducted in order to decide whether it is rally worth to buy app installs and if they really can affect ASO strategies enabling higher through the search. It appeared that this method is of now use when it comes to app rankings. So, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth spending $0.05 to buy an app install that will hardly affect your PR or marketing strategy or encourage users to search for your product in the marketplace.

On the other hand, the method proved to be efficient when it comes to ASO. Every time you decide to buy app installs, you will have a chance to boost your keyword ranking, which is 100% beneficiary for the search within the marketplace.


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