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Aarki Review


Aarki is a progressive mobile advertisement network, that has been transfiguring and improving mobile application marketing through creative, innovative and simply outstanding ideas. They deliver amazing results by using branded technologies for performance optimization. A wide range of world famous brands and agencies have been showing preferences exactly to Aarki and have been cooperating with it for years now. Aarki’s team can be described as a competent and reliable. Aarki is headquartered in California and has offices in different parts of the world.


Website: www.aarki.com
Founded: 2010
Number of employees: 50 – 200
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/aarkimobile
Twitter profile: twitter.com/aarkimobile
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/aarki

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Top-quality technology

They use multivariate testing and powerful technologies to create the best performing variants for your inventory. This top-quality and powerful technology guarantees you that the investment you made is used in a proper way, besides it provides with amazing high RIO.

If you want to become a member of Aarki team, you are welcome to send them your resume. They will always welcome a creative and openminded, intelligent and diligent person. Get in touch with them and learn more.


The company was founded in 2010 by two men, Levon and Sid. What they started from was only a bid dream and such an amount money that would hardly cover their expenses within three months. Aarki was meant to be a sensation, what it actually became six years later. In case you are not cooperating with them yet, you have definitely seen advertisement that was created on their platform. A great amount of leading brands and agencies, application developers, publishers and advertisers from all over the globe have been showing preference exactly to Aarki. Just fast forward and only try to imagine what future Aarki has!

Future for top-quality advertisement technology has come

Optimize your advertisement campaigns, make the best of them and attract the most desirable audience from different parts of the world by using powerful advertisement technology of the highest quality that Aarki provide with.

In the time of immense data flow it is not an easy task to use the data in a proper way and to obtain meaningful results. Aarki’s data centers globally receive more than 300000 queries every second, this data is used to develop user patterns, so that you can target more quality audience.

Aarki will implement any of your bold advertisement ideas, in case you do not have any it is not a problem they will create an amazing advertisement campaign for you. Their branded multivariate testing and intelligent technologies guarantee you the best advertisement campaign you and your potential users will be fully delighted with.

Aarki offers you an opportunity to control many spheres and adjust a lot of installs the way you consider it to be reasonable for your business. Rule-based advertisement serving offered by Aarki to perform advertisement based on different data, for instance, on date and time, country and city and on a great variety of other diverse criteria.

Aarki will provide you with all the necessary services to benefit from your inventory to the full, keeping up to date, permanently developing and improving it and increasing your income in the process! It is truly an outstanding team you can rely on, they know how to make your business a real success! If you make up your mind to cooperate with Aarki you will not regret it.

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