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Adscend Media Review


Adscend Media was established in 2009 and has already acquired users from all over the globe, from more than 180 countries. Adscend Media provides reward-based advertisement solutions for applications and websites. They will help you to increase your income and to receive everything you earn without any delay.

You will find more detailed information about reward-based advertisement solutions below.

Reward-based advertisement solution is efficient and effective both when you need to gain new features and when you need thorough changes. Reward-based advertisement solution is used to improve retention, income and users’ experience globally.

Adscend Media focus on mobile advertisement and attracting the most desirable audience, it means the audience that is most likely to engage. Adscend Media guarantees fruitful results both for mobile and web brands. The statistics the company provides with is worthy being paid attention to: they manage to deliver 9000000 aquisitions every year.

It is not a secret that modern users consider all the kinds of advertisement to be spam, but already in 2009 Adscend Media has developed a reward-based advertisement solution that really attracts users’ attention. Now users are free to choose if and when they are in a proper mindset to engage. Consequently advertisers increasing ROI and publisher increasing their income.

Users easily get rewards for completing different offers, accomplishing easy tasks, for instance downloading application or watching a video. For every accomplished task users get rewards, publishers increase their income and advertisers reache their most desirable audience.


Website: adscendmedia.com
Founded: 2008
Number of employees: 10 – 50
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/Adscend
Twitter profile: twitter.com/adscend
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/adscend-media-llc

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Adscend Media provides each and every advertiser with a range of beneficial services, among them are the possibility to get a detailed report. It is extremely  important to have precise information by making business decisions. With Adscend Media you will not be wasting your money, you will be paying only for visible result. You will receive a proper guidance from the very start, so that you know how to optimize your campaign in the proper way and increase your income. Adscend Media’s team is very competent and experienced, it is a team you can rely on and escape many stressful situations.  You are free to target your audience choosing different criteria, for instance, country or city, browser or devise etc. In case you make up your mind to cooperate with Adscend Media you will be able to access markets in more than 180 countries!


In order to increase the flow of users in the application apply reward-based monetization solution. Besides, you can benefit every single time when users access the your content because of the branded content locking solution Adscend Media provides with.

Adscend Media monetization solution includes support of expert that will guide to a success, serenity and confidence, payment without any delay and exceptions, global monetization, uncomplicated and fast integration, informative reporting, transparency and control, possibility to improve you users’s experience.


Adscend Media  is headquartered in Austin. They offer different services to million of people from all over the word daily. To meet all the requirement of the users, to satisfy their preferences and help them to achieve success are their main challenges. Besides, they offer some benefits, for instance lunch, different group activities and diverse kinds of entertainment. In case you can imagine yourself to be a member of Adscend Media look through the list of open positions on their website.

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