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AppLovin Review


AppLovin is one of the most significant mobile platforms that will provide you with assistance in reaching the most desirable audience from all over the world. AppLovin offers marketing automation that determines engagement of new customers.


Website: www.applovin.com
Founded: 2012
Number of employees: 50 – 200
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/applovin
Twitter profile: twitter.com/applovin
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/applovin

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AppLovin uses its powerful platform to attract the most desirable audience, which means the customers who are most likely to download your application. Then they are rating the campaign and going on to optimize in order to attract more customers.

Optional marketing for reaching the most desirable audience from all parts of the world

AppLovin  has been cooperating with advertisers and publishers from all over the globe, it means that you can easily not only increase the number of your customers, but also to choose the part of the world where you want your future customers to be from. What you have to do is simply to adjust installs. Besides, their recommendation algorithm will help to find the most relevant segment.

AppLovin offers absolutely transparency, that makes the process of measuring metrics possible.

Region of interest based analysis will provide you with relevant data, concerning all the actions of new customers.

The main aim of AppLovin is to increase your income. They use their AppLovin and well developed optimization algorithm to help you to benefit and to deliver you fruitful results.

Start making more money and get them without any delay

AppLovin guaranties fruitful results for the advertisers what means high income. They cooperate with prominent brands from all ever the globe, serving advertisement up to the mark to maximize your profits. In addition to the mentioned above, they pay fifteen days after every month.


Maximize your profits using all the main advertisement formats.
Choose one or all of the advertisement formats to your application, combine them is in the most  preferable way for you and create the mix that functions and appeals your most desirable audience and maximize your profits in the process.

They cooperate with developers across Amazon, Google and iOS applications. With their branded software development kit you will have a possibility to easily monetize with in-app advertisement in all the main mobile advertisement formats, that will definite attract more new users.

As soon as you integrate their software development kit, you will be able to create advertisement campaigns. You will attract users and achieve your business aims.


Applovin’s focus

They have managed to create the algorithm that is efficient and effective, that has made it possible for them to precede many other mobile platforms.

Innovation is of a great importance for them. Applovin has been steadily and diligently developed and improved to be always one step ahead.

They consider a team work to be very productive and important. They are deeply convinced that two minds are better than one. They achieve their aims with a team which members are from all the parts of the world.

Applovin was established in 2012 and has already gained an impeccable reputation. Applovin is a team of professionals who knows all the particularities of mobile advertisement and know to make the best of it!

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