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Fyber Review


Fyber Company is among the world first ten companies specializing in mobile adverts, which are devoted to provide innovative plus sustainable solutions to serious business challenges occurred with freemium app and game designers whose are motivated to generate revenue flows by means of ad monetization in the network of linked devices. The Platform of Fyber provide services to 500,000,000 monthly active clients worldwide. It entitles customers to integrate, enhance and control all ad revenue flows from exchange, mediation, ad serving.


Website: http://www.fyber.com/

Founded: April 2009

Number of employees: 290+

Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/fyber

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fyber


The company proposes a number of special services, including video, interstitial, performance and client acquisition campaigns. The campaigns which include video options, increase the brand’s recognition, awareness, and visibility with videos integrated into the app, interstitial campaigns let advertisers place a full-screen ad directly in the user flow while apps load or in any transitory events and performance campaigns serve their main and primary function: drive sales, generate leads and encourage user action. User acquisition campaigns, on the other hand, drive mobile app downloads and find new audiences for the promoted apps. Advertisers can figure ad revenues, ad networks and high performing ad formats and take immediate action. Data can also be broken down by app, country, ad format and ad network to analyze which channels are performing better and perform optimization.


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Fyber offers extensive account management services and expert guidance on practically every step of the ad campaigns. Your dedicated Account Manager works with you plan and organize efficient cross-platform campaigns while the advertising expert offers responsive, on-call support from initial planning to optimization and reporting. Moreover Fyber gives young designers a useful set of publisher tools that may optimize requests as well as ad delivery in real time without any coding or app resubmissions. The monetization services are dependent on the services team and goes beyond technical assistance, providing support with problems resolution and strategic guidance with comprehensive analysis of your objectives. Fyber’s demand management tools let developers top-rank ad networks in specific countries, set eCPM guarantees from ad networks, and sell valuable first impressions at a premium. All those processes can quickly be executed from the Ad Monetization Dashboard with just a few clicks, without having to touch a single line of code. The services in logistics allow discovering ad monetization opportunities through all demand sources with extensive analytics and reporting options.


Knowledge base: http://developer.fyber.com/content/current/support/

FAQ: http://developer.fyber.com/content/current/faq/

Contact information:

Address: Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 60985550

Email: [email protected]


Fyber is scouting with the aim to locate global talents who want to reach their success through growth and hard challenges. Fyber operates in a number of teams: Technology, Business and Operations. An experienced coach is assigned to each team, and they organize pair and code review sessions in pairs. Fyber’s international team builds trusted sustaining partnerships with clients, providing great opportunities for growth and leadership.

Info link: http://www.fyber.com/careers.html


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