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Matomy Review


Matomy was established early 2007. It is the world task-oriented firm which is dealing with the multi-channel marketing option. Its offices are located in Israel, with a wide system to provide assistance for professional developers, experienced promoters as well as efficient creators in order for generate value of data traffic, mobile web pages and applications having a plethora of monetization strategies and advert enhancing technologies. Matomy’s main mode of business is the mobile projects in various places of the world on CPI model as well as CPA model.


Website: http://www.matomy.com/

Founded: 2007

Number of employees: 201-500

Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/matomygroup

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MatomyMediaGroup

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Matomy

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_9ciJVGlb9cJWK9GB0EG8A

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/matomy-media-group


Matomy makes an offer to all promoters with the option to keep stable advantages and generate sales by means of performance marketing by cost per action or CPA campaigns. They provide assistance to promoters at 3 key issues of the campaigns: They have clear understanding of where customers, targets and modern technology meet together. Straight after first client impression they try to maximise the budget of promoter and optimize the traffic as well. The company’s policy states that they need to treat their customers more like partners. There aren’t set up costs or fees during the process. The promoters only provide payment for the results if they are satisfied with.


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Matomy video offers creators an access to content of video together with the option to monetize video advert supply across the different channels of media with a specific partner in addition to mobile channels in digital media. Matomy guarantees service to all clients of promotion and adverts. It works to maximize their revenues by means of the apps. The advertisers will have a chance to become rich and accumulate sustainable funds. For mobile creators and promoter, they developed a large number of campaigns, i.e. from games to finance and training. Moreover they offer a number of international proposals with localization of traffic in more than 80 countries. Mobile campaigns have an option to be optimized through Matomy which is described as a corrective tracking and optimization engine. Applying platform Matomy all clients may track and manage large number of mobile campaigns at the same time. It provides the analysis of conversions that are initiated by traffic for various source of media, guaranteeing the indication of what is currently working and what is not.

The key features are the control of the campaign running, entering any network in conjunction with indeed support of customers and detection of a device or carrier. Other options include a reports of real time conversion, a single-click integration of market campaign, changeable templates to set up any campaign quickly, complete mobile reporting metrics, automatic suggest option to analyze campaign, offer pointing suggestions as well as automatic collection of data. Mobit comes in two variants: Free, that allows for up to one mln monthly clicks and Pro option for the price of $199 per month that is for more than 1 mln monthly clicks. Matomy also offers a touchstone program which grants the affiliates a total of 5% of their corresponding commission.


Website: http://www.matomy.com/contact-us/

Knowledge base URL: https://www.matomyseo.com/r/faq


Matomy is interested in new members to join its ranks and scouts for people with high creativity which is only matched by their skills at work and are passionate about all things to do with digital marketing. They should desire to give their career a boost from the start. The company is planning to occupy new segments of many markets and generate novel tech though insider innovation and groundbreaking initiatives by individuals. People employed by Matomy have at their disposal an enjoyable atmosphere that maintains a balance between work and leisure.

Website: http://www.matomy.com/careers/

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