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Mopub Review


Mopub is a well known mobile publishing platform acquired by Twitter. It provides with promotion and monition of mobile applications for smartphones. They offer a user friendly platform where advertisement serving, network mediation, real-time bidding and cross promotion for mobile application publishers are possible. They have gained direct experience in real-time bidding, and what they offer is transparency, which means that publishers can easily control their inventory.

Mopub is one of the leading advertisement servers for publishers of mobile applications that offers to maximize incomes with the help of one well developed and easy to use platform. The platform is acknowledged to be reliable, that is why a lot of most demanding and fastidious publishers from all over the world have been showing a preference exactly to this platform.


Website: www.mopub.com
Founded: 2010
Number of employees: 50 – 200
Twitter profile: twitter.com/mopub
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/MoPub

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Below you will find a review of advantages that Mopub offers

  • Detailes concerning advertisement serving

Mopub is a versatile and multifunctional advertisement serving platform, that meets all the requirements of modern mobile publishers. Their software development kit supports a great variety of advertisement formats, for instance, banners and native advertisement formats. Mopub offers different ways of budgeting, among them are cost per thousand impressions, cost per click advertising and cost per acquisition.

  • Detailes concerning advertisement network mediation

Choose advertisement network partners you want to cooperate with in order to optimize your inventory and to benefit from it. Remove not essential software development kits from your mobile application with the help of server-to-server integrations and organize your network flow easily with the help of user friendly interface.


Mopub was established in 2010 and acquired by Twitter in 2013. Since the very establishment Mopub has been meeting all the requirements and complying with wishes of mobile application publishers from all over the globe. Mopub has been providing mobile publishers from all over the world with professional assistance, has been implementing their ideas and maximizing their income. One of the strongest points of Mopub is transparency they offer, nowadays publishers and developers have a possibility to reach the most desirable audience from all over the globe and are free to control their users’ experience.

 Well developed Mopub’s dashboard provides you with detailed information. You can be reported everyday and receive all the necessary information that can be helpful when making business decisions and conclusions. There is a ban-list that will help you to get rid of any advertisers within one second.

 Mopub will help you to attract the most desirable audience. Marketplace in integrated into the platform, challenges your network partners and determines increase of prices for your inventory. In comparison with many other advertisement serving platforms Mopub dilivers an opportunity and all the necessary conditions to reach the most desirable audience being more exact and accurate.

As soon as you enable Marketplace, a wide spectrum of possibilities will be available for you, you will be able to reach a great amount of users from all over the world without any additional work.Professional team of Mopub will be constantly increasing your competition around the globe.

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