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Persona.ly Review


A team of creative developers with an experience in the advertisement field, they know how to make profit from your inventory. Their team members have been occupied both in the advertisement and development fields that is why they know how to satisfy the wishes and meet the requirements of both.

Persona.ly delivers intelligent strategies that help developers to maximize their income without any negative impact on the users’ experience.

Retain your game freemium and monetize your non-payers all around the globe. Offer your users in-game rewards in return for presenting such activities as watching videos, downloading applications and participating in surveys.  Leaving a profit, non-payers gain new gaming experience and entertain themselves.

Persona.ly is a world leading advertisement technology company that delivers monetization strategies and mobile applications advancement.  Persona.ly offers branded, well developed and powerful technologies that help application and game developers to create engaging advertising campaigns and attract the most desirable audience from all over the world, which means the audience that is most likely to engage.


Website: www.persona.ly
Founded: 2013
Number of employees: 10 – 50
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/persona.ly.monetization
Twitter profile: twitter.com/persona_ly
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/persona-ly

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  • Reach global significant markets

Cooperate with Persona.ly’s powerful network and optimize your advertising campaigns to get new users from different countries of the world. They will help you to reach your target users out of hand.

  • Get the best results with the help of targeting technology Persona.ly delivers

Acquire devoted audience from all over the globe, not installs solely. The targeting technology Persona.ly delivers attaches significance to high LTV audiences. Optimize you advertising campaign and content with the results.

  • Benefit from absolutely transparency  

Persona.ly guarantees absolutely transparency of  your traffic sources, take control of it at every turn. The transparency Persona.ly guarantees additionally gives you a possibility to be always aware of what exactly you are paying for.

  • Professional guidance from the very start

Get the assistance of your own advertisement expert who will give you a helping hand in reaching your Key Performance Indicator. Benefit from your advertising campaigns from the very start.

  • Pay for secure models solely

Such budget model as CPI, CPE, CPA will make your investment secure and beneficial.

  • Perform your optimized advertising campaigns

Head charts with your application and increase your downloads, progress with your inventory and benefit from it.


Forget about low-click through rates awful users’ experience and enjoy progressive mobile advertisement technologies Persona.ly delivers. Maximize your income avoiding any negative influence on users’ experience.

More than one hundred and half advertisers and applications developers are willing to cooperate with you and to get a placement in your application. Rely on Persona.ly, let professional team and the intelligent technology make your application a real success!

Deliver your application to the users you want to. Target your most desirable audience from all over the world. Persona.ly intelligent algorithm will help you to reach your target audience according to a wide range of different criteria, for instance country, city or even interests of your potential users. Reach your desirable segment and increase your income in process.

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