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Revmob Review


To bring together best applications and best advertisers is claimed to be the motto of Revmob.
Revmob was established in 2011 and has been one of the best and most popular mobile advertisement networks. Revmob has made a good showing by obtaining target customers and creating fabulous brand promotion campaigns. They believe that beauty of the advertisement can have a positive influence on the users’ experience, that is why they bring great applications with the world well know brands together using formats of the highest standard.
You are welcome to get a helping hand anytime you need it
Revmob offers a help of competent customer success team, that will guide you from the very start. It is available round the clock seven days a week without any exceptions. You can always rely on their support in clarifying all the uncertainties that may show up and in making your results better. Their analysts are real professions, they will use their knowledge and experience to bring your campaign with the most desirable audience together, to achieve your goals and to make a profit of it. There is no difficulties they will not be able to get you out of! You will be fully delighted with expert knowledge and friendly attitude!


Website: www.revmobmobileadnetwork.com
Founded: 2011
Number of employees: 50 – 200
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/revmob
Twitter profile: twitter.com/revmobmobileads
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/revmob-mobile-ad-network

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Reach your most desirable audience

Make the best of your campaign by applying modern methods of efficiency to it

You are free to target your customers according to different criteria, among them are:

  •  Gadgets

Target your audience according to diverse types of gadgets and operating systems, so that you can engage with those you want to.

  • Connection

Decide on a certain telecom carrier and reach your target customers.

  • Interest

Reach your target customers, concerning their interests, including politics, economics, education, sport etc.

  • Location

You can also target your customers from all over the globe according to location criteria, you can choose country and even city.

Make your performance simply outstanding with the help of our branded algorithms

Our powerful branded algorithms will help you to bring your campaign and your most desirable audience together. Make your performance outstanding without a lot of effort.

One of the strongest Revmob’s points is of course real-time bidding platform and both well-developed and transparent pricing system that determines easy control of users’ engagement. Enjoy cooperation with them and benefit from it!


To create a good application is not an easy task, more over it takes time. That is why they provide with user friendly software development kit that can be easily integrated in the market. Do not waste your time hesitating, start making money today!
Revmob does their best to meet all the requirements and wishes of the users, that is why you are absolutely free to choose where you would like to distribute your application.


Revmob is a worthy advertisement solution and the best way to monetize both for mobile applications and website developers. World famous brands, among which are microsoft and vivo, have been cooperating with it for years now. The sphere of Revmob influence is more than 180 countries, where it has managed to engage users with the help of innovative advertisement formats. Revmob is famous with its powerful software development kit, that really fast and easy to be integrated. Revmob will provide you with innovation, transparency, possibility to control your business and monetization. They will give you a possibility to concentrate on creative tasks solely and not to worry about anything else.

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