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Vungle Review


The main aim Vungle has is to help you to increase your return on investment.

Vungle is the worldwide known in-app video advertising platform for mobile business development that focuses on attracting target audience on the Mobile Web markets.

Vungle is popular because of its creative and unhackneyed video advertisement and Life Time Value optimization technologies that determine involvement and interaction among eventual customers around the globe.

Vungle is acknowledged to be a reliable in-app video advertising platform that makes mobile business more profitable. Amusing video advertisement attracts users’ attention and variegates their experiences and consequently determines the highest rates. Vungle makes it possible for publishers to benefit from their inventory to the full.

Nowadays it is not enough just to provide installs. Expert managers and marketing specialists are well aware of the fact that advertisement campaign is of a great importance to arouse the interest of the most desirable audience – of people who are most likely to become potential customers. Vungle has gained an impeccable reputation of delivering such an audience out of hand.


Website: vungle.com
Founded: 2011
Number of employees: 50 – 200
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/vungle
Twitter profile: twitter.com/vungle
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/vungle

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  • Your most desirable audience

Occupy the attention of your most desirable audience with the help of their branded Life Time Value optimization technologies

  • Transparent data capture

Be aware of all the details with the help of absolutely transparent data capture providing by their third party

  • Worldwide reach

Attract your target audience on the Mobile Web markets around the globe

  • Choose the audience

Choose the audience you would like to show your advertisement with the help of our branded advertisement algorithm

  • Target by a certain criteria

Target your most desirable audience by a certain criteria, for instance, by country or city, by language, by application or type of the gadget and some other criteria.

  • Choose your format

Choose the format of advertisement, adjusting video settings, including length and resolution

  • What are the reasons to cooperate with Vungle?

Vungle will provide you a helping hand and will simplify advertising management for you. Get a possibility to access the top applications

Attract your target audience around the globe when it is minded to engage

Vungle is integrated with a demand-side platform to any service you would prefer to use


The creative in-app video advertising they provide with is aimed to meet all the requirements and wishes of your target audience. Vungle takes into account all the particularities that will make a positive influence on your business. They will do their best to give publishers a helping hand and to make their business more profitable. As a matter of fact, their customers have experiences tenfold increase growth in monetization.

Vungle is a powerful infrastructure that makes in-app video advertisement a real success. Their branded software development kit will provide you with all the necessary tools to increase your income.


Vungle worldwide known in-app video advertising platform for mobile business development. They provide with most desirable audience from all over the world out of hand with the help of amusing video advertisement.

Vungle is popular with tremendous branded Life Time Value optimization technologies, wide spectrum of targeting criteria, video of the highest quality solely, worldwide reach of users from all the parts of the world. Vungle is acknowledged by the top publishers as a reliable in-app video advertising platform for mobile business development, that helps to increase the income.

Developers from all over the world prefer Vungle for more than  40,000 of their mobile applications. The number of Vungle’s performed videos views’ reaches 2,5billions every month.


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