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Woobi Review


The services Woobi offers are divided into three main categories, they are the following: Applications and Games, Video Advertisement and Media Strategies. Woobi provides with a wide range of video advertisement possibilities, labelled video distribution, monetization of applications, management strategies and attraction of the most desirable audience, which means the audience that is most likely to engage.

Woobi is acknowledged to be one the leading and most reliable companies in the field, it has gained an impeccable reputation and has been cooperating with well known brands and agencies. It is a great variety of users from all over the globe showing a preference exactly to Woobi that can easily dispel a doubt about it being one of the best on the market today.

Woobi has been cooperating with world known publishers that enables to reach the most relevant target audience from all over the globe. The software development kit Woobi provides with can be directly integrated, that determines incomparable optimization capabilities.

Woobi offers an intelligent algorithm that adjusts the advertisement to each and every user engagement pattern. Woobi make it possible for advertisers and brands to access a wide range of users from all over the globe, more than in 100 countries, and provides with the services of the highest quality.

Woobi is aimed to increase each and every campaign’s Key Performance Indicator without any exceptions.  Additionally to branded powerful technologies and cooperation with world known in-game SSP’s, Woobi provides with a multifunctional platform that gives brands an opportunity to access world gaming ecosystem through social and desktop, in-app and mobile web.

With Woobi you can reach your target users and considerably increase your return on investment, without any harm or threat for your business. Woobi is a company you can rely on.


Website: www.woobi.com
Founded: 2008
Number of employees: 50 – 200
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/TokenAds/
Twitter profile: twitter.com/woobicom
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/company/Woobi
Youtube profile: www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8ysqwcA5lwZsh3VjFARyA

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Reach your most desirable audience at the right time in the right way

When you combine Real-time bidding and Woobi’s Dynamic Mindset Advertising what you get is the most effective and efficient solution to target your most desirable audience at the right time in the right way.


Woobi offers game and application developers a precise guidance how to increase the amount of users, how to awake their vivid interest and to encourage them to engage and how to maximize your income.

Woobi  provides you with a possibility to keep an eye on your ongoing investment and monetization in your application.

Intelligent Woobi’s Dynamic Mindset Advertising technologies can provide with information concerning users’ mindset, intelligent advertisement formats can report when and whether the users’ are ready to engage with advertisement. It is to emphasize  that mentioned above is possible without any impact on the users’ game experience.

Woobi’s management solutions will help to reach the most quality audience for your application, increasing your Key Performance Indicator in the process.


Intelligent Woobi’s Dynamic Mindset Advertising defines the moment the user is ready to engage and  makes the process of monetization very fruitful, users are provided with great advertisement experience, developers are provided with great monetization opportunities and advertisers are fully delighted with rates!

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