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Yeahmobi Review


A Chinese company Yeahmobi belongs to the mobi platform for marketing whose main aim is to support applications, various games, e-business who wants to conquer global markets and attract clients. Its new technology in marketing shares the analytical data and operations of Yeahmobi’s performance. It values developed network, platform of marketing together with other solutions of social media. Yeamobi beats competitiveness by cooperating with promoters on the basis of CPI and CPA have available a long list of various promotion projects including mobi apps, games, dating and entertainment.


Website: http://www.yeahmobi.com/

Number of employees: 201-500 employees

Founded: 2011

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yeahmobi.co

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/YeahmobiInc

LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/company/yeahmobi


Yeahmobi is actively engaged in cooperation with more than five hundred pure promoters of very successful Chinese and other companies around Its strategic international coverage enables clients to gain access to more than 16,000,000,000 advert connections monthly, more than 1,500,000,000 click monthly plus around 30,000,000 monthly downloads.

Their dedication to personalized service allows clients together with client managers to maximize performance.

Yeahmobi also provides a reliable service to consult the clients on market issues to secure the desired objectives of the clients.

Yeahmobi’s own specialized tracking tool helps advertisers monitor and optimize ad campaigns and many businessrelated processes. One of its appeals is that it is provided without any charge. Yeahmobi’s system is also quite simple to integrate into a developer’s business and they are always ready to provide assistance with their strong technical support team that can provide valuable help at any stage of the process.

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website: http://www.yeahmobi.com/contact-us/

FAQ link: http://www.yeahmobi.com/faq.html

Knowledge database link: http://en.yeahmobi.com/technology/


The company employees can always be reached by email or Skype or WeChat or by other available means. Yeahmobi’s also well known for cooperating and providing their services on various successful independent advert networks for instance Inmobi.

Info links: http://jobs.jobvite.com/careers/yeahmobi/jobs; http://www.yeahmobi.com/singlepage-27-1.html


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