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Top Mobile App Monetization Strategies

Do you want to make a solid profit from your app? Are you still in search of the most efficient app monetization strategies? A growing number of mobile ad networks provide a huge selection of offers for both advertisers and publishers. It does not matter what type of application you have. Whether you want to make money from a dating or reservation service, application for business or any other product, here is the list of some most efficient and reliable mobile app monetization strategies that will let you bear fruit in spite of the mobile ad network you choose.

  • Premium Version – if you come up with a free application, you can also make money from it offering premium upgrades with an extended list of features. This mobile marketing strategy is very popular with messengers and dating services. At the same time, you can offer games to opt for more levels and stages for a reasonable price as a part of your mobile advertising campaign;
  • Virtual Currency – the majority of big applications uses this type of mobile marketing strategy. The idea is very simple. The more a user plays your game, the more points and bonuses he or she gets. The mission of this mobile advertising campaign is to encourage users play your gaming application more, take part in different contests and competitions;
  • Profits from mobile app advertising incentives – some app monetization strategies let you earn from incentives from advertisers. You let them display their ads within your application and get profit from that. Mobile app advertising can include various types of ads like banners, text, images and more. Some developers prefer taking part in different affiliate programs in addition to their app monetization strategies;
  • In-App Purchases – with so many efficient app monetization strategies, this is probably the most popular one. Implemented in many different applications, it is the best bet for free products. The main benefit is that the method comes with less interference of the application usage unlike ad banners that are annoying for users. Such app monetization strategies enable a better users’ experience who can make some small purchase in the course of the gaming process. The idea of such mobile app monetization strategies is to let them unlock extra features and options brought by your product.

Final Word

Choosing the right method for monetizing your application depends on the type of your product. The best bet is to compare monetization tools of some popular products and services and define their main pros and cons for your product in particular.


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