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Waypedia Review


Looking for a fast and efficient way to boost your app? Waypedia is certainly the right platform to choose. It features 100%-quality traffic in addition to numerous real downloads, high ranking and many other great things to benefit. Customers will witness rapid growth within a few hours! They offer various tools as well as unique Keyword Install feature letting you deliver your product to the targeted audience at once. Waypedia establishes a clear and cost-effective strategy letting you benefit from premium real traffic sources, ASO Description and rapid ranking growth.

Key Waypedia benefits include:

  • No SDK required;
  • Simple tracking system;
  • Great results within a few hours;
  • The price per install starts from $0.05;
  • Free support service;
  • Keyword Installs and high retention;
  • Brand-new feature for publishers – Organic traffic now available for other countries including the USA, Spain and Latin America.


Website: https://waypedia.com/

Founded: 2014

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/waypedia

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/waypedia/

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/waypedia

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/waypedia


Promoting with Incentivized Installs

Waypedia offers some of the most cost-effective and efficient promotion tools. Incentivized installs have proved to be a great ad solution whenever you want to benefit from an extended downloads volume within a short period. Advertisers will appreciate real traffic sources as well as safety measures provided by the platform. This type of installs enables high-quality keyword relevance in addition to high ranking at Google Play resulting in organic installs and fast exposure.


promote your app as low as 0.05 per install


Hundreds of Global Installs Per Day

Waypedia comes as a huge mobile ad network featuring hundreds of global daily installs delivered by the official website in addition to up to 10,000 daily installs from Waypedia X.

If you look for a more intensive users’ activity, the platform is able to deliver your product to more than 25,000 installs per day obtained from both Waypedia.com and Waypedia X.

100% Users’ Engagement with the App

Delivering an award-winning app to the targeted audience is the best way to benefit from 100% users’ engagement featuring reviews, shares and other types of activities. You should note that the network is not responsible for the level of users’ engagement with your app, as it does not target audience by interest. It means that you need to have a good application with a perfect ASO Description in addition flawless and bug-free running, great design and other features that define a high-quality digital product.

Affordable Prices per Install

Waypedia offers low prices per install starting from $0.05. You should take into account that they can change depending on the region or country, as well as other targeting factors. You will find an easy-to-use price calculator on the official website of the network making it easy to plan your budget.

Types of Retention Installs to Choose

Waypedia offers several different types of retention installs. They include:

  • Low – users only install the app;
  • Normal – users will open your app at least once after the installation;
  • High – users will keep the app for minimum 3 days after the installation and at least one opening.


Contact details: 9070 Selborne Lane, Palmetto, GA, 30268 United States

Tel: 678-545-0442

Email contact: [email protected]

Support Documentation: https://www.waypedia.com/support.php


Waypedia is the right place to choose when opting for ideal career opportunities. The company can boast a unique approach letting both start-uppers and experienced businessmen benefit from great working conditions. Novice engineers and developers will have a chance to learn from proven experts as well as benefit from an exceptional working environment provided by a qualified HR team.

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Waypedia delivers full-scale services to publishers and advertisers letting them benefit from organic traffic, thousands of installs as well as innovative app promotion tools used in Google Play. The company has a qualified team of developers, designers and marketers to develop and promote web and mobile apps in various fields.

The company uses Incentivized Installs for promotion letting advertisers take the advantage of real installs in addition to thousands of real users around the globe. Customers will also appreciate Keyword Installs in addition to several types of retention installs provided by the network.

Incentivized Installs have proved to be a cost-effective and efficient promotion strategy. Starting from $0.05, the price per install is lower than anywhere else. The fact that Goggle’s Publishers Terms are implemented in the platform is also a great advantage in favor of the company providing safe and secured operational environment.

Waypedia is the best destination whenever you look for thousands of daily installs from around the world. The platform includes the main website Waypedia.com in addition to Waypedia X. Both resources are able to deliver up to 25,000 installs per day! Real users will be able to engage with the app in case of its high quality.


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