Writing a Press Release for an App Launch


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Writing a Press Release for an App Launch

You have successfully built your award-winning app and ready to publish app to gain recognition and users’ appreciation. You will have to overcome numerous obstacles on the way to success first profits from your app. However, you still have a chance to earn a handicap before the app launch. To write a press release will be a good idea when it comes to efficient marketing strategy to get to the top in the app store.

Some developers think that writing a press release is out-of-date and of no use for the app promotion. They are wrong. If you know, how to write a press release before you publish app, you will certainly benefit from increased attention to your product beforehand.

Tips How to Write a Press Release

Building a great app and delivering it to the app store is not enough. You also need to implement an efficient marketing campaign for a successful app launch. Writing a press release appears to be a good way to attract more attention to your app as well as make it more noticeable by bloggers, reporters and reviewers. On the one hand, the task may seem rather easy. On the other hand, writing a press release may appear to be a tough challenge. It calls for great writing skills. You need to meet specials standards and requirements when it comes to writing style, syntaxes and other issues. We have conducted a list of useful tips that will enable an efficient writing a press release before the app launch:

  • Try to be on your users’ place. A press release is not just listing of all features, options and benefits. You need to write it as a person you are sending it to. Think of the main issues you want to get out of the app launch and make the material both interesting and informative;
  • Read articles related to the person you are going to send your material to. The idea is to understand his or her writing style as well as main accents;
  • Build a clear structure of your paper guiding the reader through all paragraphs for the subject line to conclusion of your app description;
  • Do the research. You may need some good ideas before you publish app. The best bet is to look through relevant articles and marketing publishing.

You can benefit from some samples and templates available on the web as well.



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